What We Do

Emotional Support

One-to-one Emotional Support

Be My Hope is here to provide genuine comfort and motivation to the Black-African BME people through our one-to-one support sessions. Knowing that there is someone with you when you are going through hard times can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.
Emotional Support

Counselling & Therapy Support

Be My Hope aims to offer one-to-one or group counselling support to individuals from the Black-African BME community going through mild to moderate mental health difficulties. Some of these Counselling services include bereavement, relationship, and mental health (stress, depression, anxiety) counselling. We aspire to provide a mental health service with professional counsellors who understand diversity and challenges specifically related to the Black-African BME community.
Companionship Service

Peer Support Groups

In times of need, Be My Hope stands with the Black-African BME community. Difficult times get harder when there's no one to talk to. We are here to provide you with a safe space to meet people and share your experiences with others in similar circumstances. Be My Hope is dedicated to providing warmth and alleviating suffering. Individuals may choose to engage with us in both one-to-one and/or small-group sessions.
Emotional Support

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health problems can happen to anyone, at any age and any time therefore Be My Hope aims to raise awareness on the importance of healthy mental wellbeing and inspire others to gain confidence in talking about their mental health problems.
Emotional Support

Befriending and Companionship

Be My Hope aims to help and encourage people to connect and develop friendships within the community. We deliver an intergenerational befriending service to isolated, lonely, elderly Black-African BME communities across Surrey.
Benefits advice Service

Financial Support

There are various explanations why people find themselves in financial difficulties. It could be through the loss of a job, or maybe it's just a decrease in income or the outgoings have increased suddenly, making it more difficult to cope with all the daily payments. We strive to help the Black-African BME community handle their finances, as well as to provide guidance on obtaining financial support from the government. Any of the financial guidance requires the use of an instrument for budget, saving, debt management, etc.